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Next Concert (last in Sunday afternoon series) - Sunday  September 27th.

SPECIAL EXTRA PERFORMANCE - SATURDAY AUGUST 29th the Kevinwood Kabaret, where are young (and not so young) singers and instrumentalists are performing the solos, duets and ensembles that they would have been presenting at Ryde Eisteddfod 2020 if it had not been cancelled.




Note:  noR on a file means that it has the repeats removed.   If anyone would prefer midi files let me know and I can email these.

Click   Orchestra Practice 2 to get to the Polotsvian Dances

EXTRA:  I think the New World Symphony might be appropriate for another work for our concert coming back from Covid19.   As we have done in the past with New World  we use an arrangement of Movement 1,  an arrangement of Movement 2 (Largo) and then the full scores for movements 3 & 4.

Recorded link sounds lovely - not quite according to our music.